Reviews for The Haunting of Alice May

“Overall, I thought it was an excellent take on an old seaside ghost story and the descriptions of the bay were wonderful. I felt fully in the story as if I were there myself and would recommend this read to anyone who loves fiction with a supernatural twist.” – Paranormal Romance Guild

“An enjoyable adventure story filled with teenage love, angst and ghosts.” – Writing Times

“Moral has a great story, with twists and turns that keep the reader turning the pages. It is part love story, part thriller – hardly surprising given Moral’s previous work. The magical realism is a new diversion. . . It’s clever.” – Julia Webb Harvey

“This book is a great read for anyone who loves a great ghost story or paranormal romance.” – Debbie McClure

“I loved the setting of this novel – Monterey, CA. It definitely added to the story and felt real. I liked Henry and some of the other characters.” – The Story Sanctuary

Ghost Maven is voted among 13 Ghost stories to read and enjoy on Halloween – The Treasured Bookshelf