Q&A with the author

Q         Your work spans several genres, including documentary film-making with your own production company, journalistic interviews with celebrities, and author of several books. Is there a common thread or arc in each of these endeavours? If so, what would that be? A         Story! Story! Story! Whether it’s making a documentary film, writing a novel, or … More Q&A with the author

How Blue Sky thinking can help you write your Novel

My novel, The Haunting of Alice May, published in March 2019, was written in Monterey Bay, California, where I was working for two years for National Geographic Television. In the novel, 16 year-old Alice Parker moves to Pacific Grove, California, with her father and little sister after her mother dies. Whilst kayaking in the bay, … More How Blue Sky thinking can help you write your Novel

Writing Suspense

In my novel The Haunting of Alice May, I dive straight into the action with a kayaking trip in jeopardy in Monterey Bay, California, which quickly puts the central character in peril. Teen readers are impatient, and like to get to the story quickly, rather than having to wade through pages of backstory or exposition. … More Writing Suspense

Henry or Christian?

Alice is romanced by two suitors in the book – Henry and Christian. Henry is an 18 year old boy. Handsome, old fashioned and charming, he sees straight into Alice’s soul. But mysterious events in his past threaten to destroy him and Alice forever. “There was something otherworldly about him, something more refined. Some of … More Henry or Christian?

Who is Alice?

Sixteen-year-old ALICE PARKER moves with her Dad and younger sister to the sleepy town of Pacific Grove, California, to start a new life after her Mom dies.  Little does Alice know the strange and terrifying events to come. When she falls into the bay during a kayaking trip, she is rescued from drowning by the … More Who is Alice?