“The Haunting of Alice May” is the first in a series of Ghost Maven novels featuring Alice Parker, a 16 year old girl who discovers she has the power to slay ghosts.

Alice moves to Pacific Grove with her father and little sister after her mother dies. Her father works for the aquarium and they are surrounded by water—something Alice is terrified of. To overcome her fear, she faces it, taking kayaking classes in the bay, which changes her life forever. She capsizes and is drowning when a young man, Henry Raphael, magically appears, delivering her safely to the beach. Thus begins her quest to find him…but he finds her. Against all rules and warnings, they see one another. Or do they? Henry is a ghost cursed to never cross over unless her death sets them all free…

The first book is published on March 16th 2019 by Sabana Publishing and you can exclusively order the book through Amazon: