Henry or Christian?

Alice is romanced by two suitors in the book – Henry and Christian.

Henry is an 18 year old boy. Handsome, old fashioned and charming, he sees straight into Alice’s soul. But mysterious events in his past threaten to destroy him and Alice forever.

“There was something otherworldly about him, something more refined. Some of the young sailors and guys who worked on the boats around Monterey were cute, but they had a cookie-cutter look to them; the same cropped hair, polo shirts, and perpetually flexed muscles. My rescuer was more like an antique Rolls-Royce among a fleet of Fords.”

Christian is a 17 year old son of the local Minister. Pleasant, fresh faced and earnest, he is devoted to Alice’s well being and is determined to free her from Henry’s spell.

“‘Take it easy, you’re safe now,’ Christian said, smoothing my wet hair across my forehead. I realised that Christian’s nose was slightly bent to the right of his face, a feature I hadn’t noticed before. Looking down at me, it seemed even more accentuated, and at that moment, his crooked nose was all I could think of.”

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